Hawaii Surf Vacation

Hawaii Surf Vacation- Enjoy the Massive Waves and Luxurious Accommodations

Planning a Hawaii surf vacation is such a joy as Hawaii, specifically the Oahu North Shore is the perfect place for nightlife, shopping and most importantly surfing. If you are looking for tons of adventure and recreation, Oahu is definitely worth a look. It is known for its big waves, making it an ideal getaway if you want to learn or at least experience how to surf and even scuba dive. There are just too many water activities that you will truly enjoy not to mention the most welcoming and stunning accommodations that will truly complete your stay.

What to Expect in Oahu?

A vacation in Oahu is truly a time well spent as this is where you will experience the unique beauty of Oahu which is the third biggest island of Hawaii. This island houses the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu which is every surfer’s escape. It has everything that you could ask for if you are looking for a Hawaii surf vacation.

Your stay in this Oahu North Shore can be filled with activities like swimming, surfing, scuba diving and all sorts of water activities. Along with these, you can also explore a little bit of its interesting history along the way. The island offers plenty of places where you can lay down your towel and enjoy the pristine beaches, lovely sand and the boastful waves of the beaches that will make you want to surf all day long.

Oahu, Hawaii- How to Get There?

The islands of Hawaii including the ever famous Oahu are widely open to tourism. If you want to go to a Hawaii surf vacation site, then planning where to go and how to get there might be the first thing that will enter your mind. If you are planning to visit Oahu then this is never a problem. In actuality, Oahu is the focal point of transportation in Hawaii. Most domestic and international flights stop by the HNL or Honolulu International Airport.

The flights are through the major Hawaiian airlines such as Island Air and Aloha Airlines. The airport is situated in the border of Honolulu and is approximately 45 minutes away from Oahu North Shore and 20 minutes away to Waikiki. If you want to cross the islands of Hawaii, you have to deplane and take another flight to reach your destination. Airline tickets can be bought online or you may also inquire at your mainland airline company for best deals and prices.

Get Into the Waves of Oahu hawaii surfing vacation

What the Oahu North Shore boasts are its giant and lovely waves that are most perfect for surfing activities. Hence, if surfing thrills you the most going to a place like Oahu will absolutely satisfy your vacation. A stay in Oahu can be the most unforgettable Hawaii surf vacation you can ever have.

If you wish to experience these famous waves of the North Shore then you must not fail to visit the Waikiki Beach. This beach presents a perfect view of what you want to see in a Hawaiian beach. It is filled with gorgeous sands and waters, stunning forests, plenty of quality hotels and resorts and a bunch of locals and foreign tourists who would like to experience a perfect tropical vacation in Hawaii.

This Oahu beach is most perfect for tanning, swimming, canoeing, scuba diving, snorkeling and most interestingly surfing. Surfing is one of the main attractions in the island of Oahu with its gigantic waves that can absolutely make you ride into the waters of Hawaii. This beach is also home to the very popular Diamond Head which is a world renown volcanic crater most desired for trailing.

Other popular beaches in the Oahu North Shore are the Waimea Bay Beach and the Sunset Beach. These beaches are most popular for surfing activities as waves can reach up to 50 feet. These waves are really gigantic which is why Oahu is the destination for professional surfers from all over the world. A Hawaii surf vacation is totally never complete without a visit to these spots.

Another famous beach is the Ali’s Beach Park where waves are huge as well but not as massive with the other mentioned surfing destinations although it is a great place for surfing too most especially if you just want to try it. Apart from surfing, it also provides many opportunities for other activities like snorkeling and swimming.

Hawaiian Surf Vacation- Where to Stay in Oahu?

Taking a Hawaii surf vacation in Oahu is never complete without getting excellent accommodations at Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals. A condo or a villa is the first thing that can welcome you to the beautiful paradise of Oahu so you have to make sure you got the right choice.

You may opt to stay in Turtle Bay beach resort villas where you can enjoy its lengthy secluded beaches covering 5 miles and the most lavish amenities. You can choose from the prestigious villas in the area and all have identical furnishings and amenities. These villas are filled with complete furnishings, linens and all the beach gear that you will ever need.

Apart from the villas you can also rent or own real estate properties such as condos that are perfectly situated in the beaches of the North Shore. You can get of all of these by visiting TurtleBayVacationRentals.com. In this site you can make inquiries and reservations with its very reliable booking system. The great thing is that you can avail of many discounts and promos if you take time to check for special promotions.

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